vi. Dr. Hey You: The Power of Effective Communication in Generating Ever-flowing Solutions

Everything we want and need is all around us. Unfortunately, accessing those things is a challenge for most people. You can’t just grab solutions, you’ve to find a way to get to them, and usually, it is through other people.

Communication Gives us Special Access To Everything

Other people are the bridge you’ve to pass to get to what you want in life. If you are an entrepreneur, other people will have to become your investors, your customers, your partners, your employees, your stakeholders, etc.

But how then are you going to make all those people want to listen to you and agree with what you say? This is where effective communication comes in.

Be Intentional

You can’t just hope other people will understand what you’re doing and figure out what you want when you want it and then hand it to you. You’ve to make them turn to your side and see what you’re doing. Then you’ve to keep their attention focused on you for as long as you want it. If there’s something you want from them, you’ve to approach them and let them know in a way that will make them say yes to you.

People don’t go around trying to understand others, as a matter of fact, they all wish to be understood. Therefore, you’ve to be fast and firm when talking to people, make known what you want, and do it in a way that gets you a yes.

If you want to know something, ask

You can either choose to go the hard way and do quantitative research by analyzing past, recent, and future data just to know something about something or you can just ask around. Always, someone knows something you don’t. There’s always someone who has an answer to any question you can ever imagine, all you’ve to do is approach and ask.

If you want people to know something, tell

You’ve to open your mouth and let those words out. Let your message go where it should and on time. Don’t hesitate to tell somebody something you want them to know because if you don’t, there’s no other way they’ll find out. It’s a one-way process, tell them and they’ll know, or don’t and they won’t.

All solutions you need are one right expression away

Effective communication is a strategy of connecting smoothly with others in a way that makes them open their doors to you and allow you into their pool of blessings, the very solutions you need. Communication is not about talking or writing.

Rather, It must be manifested in the clothes you were, your walking style, your laugh, your presentation strategy, your punctuality, your lifestyle, the neighborhood you stay in, the restaurants you eat from, the brands you choose, the books you read and have read, the music you listen to, the events you attend, your behavior in public events, your actions. most importantly, you tell everything about yourself to the world through your what, your how, and your why.

Literally, everything you do that is visible and audible to the general public is communication.

Keep in mind that whatever you do and how you do it, is telling. The question is, are you passing on the right message about yourself?

Certainly, how prompt other people will open their doors to you will base on what and how you communicate.

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