The Major Tour Activities in Uganda and Rwanda

Uganda and Rwanda have become the leading tourist destinations in East Africa for Chimpanzee and gorilla tracking safaris. Besides, the number of tour operator agencies is increasing day after day in these countries making the tour business more competitive. 

Tourism in Uganda and Rwanda is a booming sector. The countries receive a big number of tourists throughout the year.  In addition, the tour and travel business is among the highly competitive businesses within Uganda and Rwanda. The number of tour and travel agencies keeps increasing day by day.

In recent days, tour operators in Uganda and Rwanda have combined their itineraries to include all in one package. This implies that one can book a tour through a Ugandan tour agency to cover both Uganda and Rwanda or do the same with a Rwandan tour agency

Major tour activities in Uganda and Rwanda

Uganda and Rwanda sell a variety of tour products. The major activities that attract these countries include; gorilla tracking, chimpanzee tracking, mountain climbing, bird watching water rafting, among others. Let us look at the major ones;

Gorilla tracking

Gorilla tracking also known as gorilla trekking is when the tourists through a professionally trained tour guide embark on a journey by foot to trek the mighty gorillas. The GPS system may be used in trying to find where the gorillas stayed the last night.

After the gorillas have been found, the tourists will spend some time (not more than an hour) watching the gorillas do various activities. In both Uganda and Rwanda, gorilla tracking ranks high among the tour activities.

When you’re interested in Uganda, you may search for Gorilla tracking Uganda and you will find many tour operators offering the service. In the same way, if your interest is in Rwanda you may search for gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda. More interestingly, any of the tour operators in these countries can help you combine a package for both countries

Gorilla tracking in Uganda takes place mainly in Bwindi Impenetrable Park and Mgahinga Gorilla Park while in Rwanda, gorillas can be tracked in Volcanoes National Park.

Chimpanzee tracking

Another major tour product that Uganda and Rwanda sell is Chimpanzee tracking also sometimes referred to as Chimpanzee trekking. Just like gorilla trekking/ tracking, this activity also involves moving some distance on foot in search of Chimpanzees. Uganda is the perfect place to enjoy this activity specifically within Kibaale Forest National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Bird Watching

Bird watching in Uganda and Rwanda also attracts tourists throughout the year. However, it may not be as popular as the 2 activities mentioned above. It is an adventure where tourists encounter varied bird species. Uganda being a Pearl of Africa, has got numerous bird species that one may enjoy and remain a memorable experience. Likewise, Rwanda being a neighbor to Uganda is another beautiful place to go and enjoy watching different types of birds.

Mountain trekking and climbing

Uganda has varied mountains but among those, Mt Rwenzori Mt Gahinga, and Mt Elgon are such areas of interest to tourists. Besides, mountain trekking enables tourists to meet mountain gorillas. However, this activity needs much energy and climbing/trekking shores. You also need to be fit health-wise.

Water Rafting

Uganda is blessed with a big number of lakes and rivers.  More interestingly, the longest river in the World (River Nile) originates from Uganda! With its abundant no of water bodies, Uganda is the perfect destination for Water Rafting activities.

Can I combine all these activities in one travel?

Yes, it is possible, to combine all these activities in one tour. However, some of them take place on specific days (months). You, therefore, need to consult with your tour and travel agency to find which months of the year can is best suited for you to enjoy all these activities on the same tour. In addition, combining all of them is cheaper as huge discounts are always offered on this package.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Simon Peter is a professional tour guide in Uganda. He helps tourists embark on a lifetime experience when they visit Uganda, Rwanda, and the rest of East Africa.

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