Relationship between Tourism and Hospitality Industries

This article discusses the relationship between tourism and hospitality industries. This hospitality industry in Travel and Tourism would entail a study of the various aspects of integration and their implications between the sectors of hospitality and travel and tourism.

Economic development and globalization in the past two decades have been very much responsible for such a tremendous growth of this sector. The hospitality sector satisfies the basic needs of individuals such as accommodation, food, beverages, etc.

When a person travels for spending holidays, business trips, and educational trips to another place and stays there for less than one year, this is called tourism.

The hospitality sector is one of the smaller parts of the tourism sector. There are some companies which are having their operations in both the travel, tourism, and hospitality sector. Customers of both the sectors are same so with the growth in one sector other sector grows.

Improvement in the technology and travel sector has also helped in the growth of both the tourism and hospitality industries. Today with the development of the airline industry we can go from one country to another very easily and it has also become cheaper compared to some years ago.

This has been possible because of technological improvement. People are able to book their tickets and plan their travel online through websites. They don’t need to go out and stand in a long queue to book the tickets. Even the process of getting a passport and visa has become easier.

Customers of the travel and tourism sector need facilities like accommodation, food, beverages, etc., and these facilities are provided by restaurants, hotels, and resorts and all these come under the hospitality industry. There is a direct relationship between both industries. The hospitality sector also provides recreational facilities to the customers of the travel and tourism sector.

Both the sectors go hand in hand. Both the industries are part of the service industry and in the service industry, the human touch plays a very important role in customer satisfaction. In the customer is dissatisfied with the service in one industry it might affect the other industry also.

This is the reason that travel and tourism companies try to have their own services in the hospitality sector also. This way they can have control over the operation of both sectors. This comes under the integration strategy. We will discuss the integration strategy for the travel and tourism sector in detail.

The hospitality sector plays the role of supplier for the travel and tourism sector.

The bond between the guest and his host is called hospitality. The hospitality sector has been supporting the travel and tourism sector for so long. Customer experience in the travel and tourism sector becomes easier and more enjoyable because of the hospitality sector. Quality of service is very important in both industries.

Customers need to be treated with care and love in this sector. Staff members have to be very careful while dealing with the customers. This will help in getting customer loyalty and satisfaction. History, culture, society, economy, etc. of any country are the factors which are attracting tourists to the country.

There are bigger organizations like Thomas Cook which has business in both industries. Companies in the travel and tourism sector have collaborated with organizations in hospitality provision. Having a presence in both the sectors is beneficial and easier for both customers and the organization

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