Visit the Spectacular yet unknown Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Visit the spectacular Addis Ababa and tap the unseen locations of this beautiful African city. Ride through the hills of this beautiful town at Equus and see wonderful churches, palaces, and galleries that will inform you about the culture, tradition, and people of Africa and Ethiopia.

Are you bored of conventional vacationing and want to try something new and different? If yes, then grab your cheap airlines to Ethiopia and rush to the small city of Addis Ababa and experience its unique untapped culture and attractions.

When you get to this town, you must try Equus which is a horse riding facility across African hills. It will take you a one and half hour drive from the city center to get there.

If you get there in the morning you can have African-style breakfast from one of the roadside smudges. At Equus, you can rent a horse if you are apt with riding or you can hire a professional rider who can ride for you as you sit on the horseback.

Riding through the bumpy African hills with scarce vegetation will be a great experience and something that you will not be able to try somewhere else. After you return back to the horse club of Equus, you can dine in the small restaurant facility.

The restaurant mainly offers good quality African food but you can also get sandwiches, drinks, and coffee from there. A day spent in Equus will be a very unique and new experience for you and you must give it a shot.

Your next stop can be Entoto Hill. It is a very nice hike from the city and you can either hike yourself or get a car to drive you to the hilltop. There is a very nice church that is unique in its formation. You will like the intricate paintings and statues that are set in the church. The location of the church is also very beautiful and you can see the entire Addis Ababa from there.

Another tourist attraction on the top of the hill is a cultural palace that contains paintings and artifacts describing the culture and traditions of Ethiopia. A museum is also located which houses a very nice historical collection pertaining to the country.

Lela Gallery is another spectacular place to be in Addis Abba. This green-themed gallery is made into the house of its owner. The gardens are beautiful and the indoor interior is in the theme of green forest. The place contains beautiful artworks from young African artists.

You can also buy these paintings if you like. There is a very nice and calm sitting area where you can sit and relax with your family and interact with other tourists and locals. It is a very nice place that you must visit during your vacation in Addis Ababa.

There are many hotels in the city offering wonderful hotel deals that you can avail of. You can enjoy very eclectic and tasty African cuisine in the city as well. The locals are friendly and welcoming and will add a new color to your vacation.

You can enjoy a splendid vacation at Addis Ababa and learn about African culture, and food along with visiting spectacular tourist attractions. So grab your cheap tickets to Addis Ababa now and visit this rich African city.


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