Ghana- A Marvelous Country

Ghana is a beautiful country and a tourist haven. Nature and beach tourism have seen a large tourist influx in recent times.

Ghana was earlier a British colony and known as Gold Coast. The present name Ghana is a reflection of the ancient Ghanian Empire. The country is an archaeological treasure and evidence relates to the presence of humans since the Bronze Age. The friendly people and unique culture draw tourists to this land. The place is famous for eco-tourism and nice beaches. Its biggest town Accra offers numerous facilities to visitors.

Cheap Flights to Ghana fly on regular basis due to the country’s growth as a tourist haven. Stunning packages are offered for alluring tourists. Flights, hotel bookings, and sightseeing tours are part of package deals. Travel insurance, however, remains the call of visitors.

The country has scenic natural beauty and countless attractions. The local markets sell African handicrafts and artifacts.

The beaches of Ghana are world-famous. Enjoy the pristine sea shores and feel the charm of the waves. Labadi Pleasure Beach is very popular among outdoor lovers. It is the major public beach in Accra and has shower and changing room facilities.

Another famous beach is the Kokrobite beach. The hills form a panoramic backdrop and add to the overall charisma. People can enjoy various sorts of water sports here.

Cocoloco Beach has emerged as a top-notch tourist spot. The most charming fact is that one can watch sea turtles breeding here. The numerous bird species at Volta Estuary fascinate visitors. Camping and accommodation facilities are also available here.

Traditional thatch-style African accommodations are very alluring to tourists. Alaska Beach is the quietest of the lot. The place offers the perfect treat to backpackers and watercraft lovers. Bungalows and camping facilities are present for visitors. The nearby restaurant offers traditional Ghanian cuisine, along with seafood and other dishes.

The biggest city and capital of Ghana, Accra has emerged as a wonderful tourist destination. The city is also the major center for culture and tourism in the country. Accra flights are provided from many locales and the city has gained positive reviews from tourists. Tourist attractions abound in the city and the surrounding areas.

A tour of the National Museum offers a peep at Ghana’s history and awesome culture. Traditional and various sorts of clothing, thrones, carvings, pottery, paintings, etc. are sighted here. Further, different kinds of tools and instruments are also present here.

The Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park is also a must-visit. The park pays homage to Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of Ghana. He was a great freedom fighter and instrumental in the country’s independence.

Travel to Accra to have the time of your lives. Ghana and its capital, welcome tourists with open arms.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Aadam Johansson

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