How Is Craft Beer Made?

Craft beer is a type of beer that has been growing in popularity over the last few years. People are starting to enjoy the taste and quality of craft beer in London more than regular beer. It is brewed differently, tastes better, and has different ingredients.

What is craft beer?

Craft beer is defined as beer that has been made in a small brewery by people who are passionate about beer. The process of making craft beer uses different malts, hops, yeast and water compared to regular lager or traditional ales which results in its unique taste being enjoyed over other types of drinks.

This type of artisan beer also contains no additives so it can be considered healthier than many alternatives because there’s little need for preservatives. A good example of a very flavoursome craft beer is the Habesha Beer.

Craft beer is an artisan product because it’s made by hand using quality ingredients in small batches to create a delicious taste. Craft beers are called artisan or microbrewery because they produce small batches of beer that is made using traditional methods to create distinctively flavoured drinks for people who love unique flavours.

Breweries who produce this type of beer use only hand-picked ingredients from local suppliers who use sustainable methods to farm their crops. Craft beer is also known for using locally grown ingredients since they are fresh and have a much better flavour than other beers that use imported food stuffs from different regions of the world.

How does the brewing process work?

The brewing process for craft beer includes a careful selection of ingredients, which is why breweries and their owners use sustainable farming methods to get the best quality crops. Breweries who produce this type of beer also take advantage of locally grown grains, hops and any other substance they need for making artisanal beers. These breweries generally use traditional brewing methods as opposed to modern technology to make artisanal beers.

Different types of hops used in craft beer.

The different styles of craft beer use different types of hops. For example, American pale ales use American hops, but India Pale Ales use English or German hops.

Different types of hops used in craft beer:

  • English/German – contribute floral aroma.
  • American – contribute citrusy flavours.
  • New Zealand – contributes fruity aromas.
  • Australian – contributes strong grapefruit notes.
  • Belgian – contributes spicy tones.
  • French – contributes mild spice tones.

Why do people drink craft beer instead of other beers?

Craft beer offers beer lovers a far more unique experience than other beers. This is because craft beer brewers combine a variety of different types of hops to give the drinker a multi-faceted taste that they have never experienced before.

In addition, many non-beer drinkers love trying artisanal beers once they realize how delicious and refreshing these drinks are compared to traditional mass produced lagers from large breweries.

They can even be served in specialty glasses for added visual appeal. Finally, there is no denying that the fact that craft beers come in such beautiful bottles makes them perfect as gifts or party favours; you could even say people love drinking craft beer in London just because it looks so good.

Craft breweries and their different styles of brews.

There are many different styles and flavours of craft beer, including IPA, Pilsners, Wheat Beer, Stout, Porters, and more. Most craft breweries produce between four to seven different styles of beer throughout the year, typically depending on the seasonality of certain fruits or vegetables that may be used in a brew for added flavour.

Brewing these beers can sometimes take months from beginning to end as brewers follow traditional recipes handed down through generations. The process begins by adding malt barley into hot water while preparing other ingredients such as hops and yeast which will add flavour at specific stages during the brewing process.

Following this step is fermentation where sugars turn into alcohol thanks to yeast activity; it’s worth mentioning here that some brewers use natural yeasts while others rely exclusively on cultured yeasts instead. Finally comes cold storage before bottling or kegging takes place.

Brewers often mix different styles of beer to create unique new flavours too, such as the ‘white stout’ which is a combination of wheat beer and stout flavours. It really takes an expert palate to be able to pick out all these complex tastes.

It must be said that craft breweries have been known for their generous use of special ingredients in their recipes; think fruits, herbs and spices, so if you feel like being creative with your cooking then this could also make a great ingredient to flavour up your food.

The rise in popularity for craft beers over the last few years has been phenomenal for the craft beer industry, and is sure to keep on rising in time.

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