Togo: President Gnassingbe calls for greater commitment of States and the private sector in Africa’s development financing

Source: Togo First

(Togo First) – Public-private partnerships and States’ contribution to these partnerships are essential for Africa’s development.

Togolese President, Faure Gnassingbé, underscored the importance of this partnership last Wednesday, at the opening of the African International Summit (AFIS). 

Development is mainly driven by private sector financing, the dynamism of fintech, dynamic agricultural and industrial sectorsreducing internet access costs, a young population, rapid growth, and increasing urbanization,” Gnassingbé said.

The private sector thus contributes to lower inflation and higher growth. On this basis, the leader called on private players to fully play their part in financing development policies in Africa.

Commenting on the State’s role in the process, President Gnassingbe said it should “reassure the private sector while enhancing investment opportunities”. My country has moreover always been resolutely committed to this path, our ambition being to have half of our Roadmap 2025 financed by private investment,”  he added.

The African Finance Summit (AFIS) was recently held in Lomé, Togo, on November 15 and 16. 


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