Rwanda Fertiliser Company launched a factory with an annual capacity to blend 100,000 tonnes of fertilizers

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Rwanda launched a factory with an annual capacity to blend 100,000 tonnes of fertilizers, thanks to Rwanda Fertiliser Company (RFC), a joint venture between OCP Africa a Moroccan fertilizer manufacturing firm, and the Government of Rwanda. 

Following the State Visit of His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco in Rwanda in October 2016, MoUs were signed for strengthening cooperation in various areas of economic development, including the establishment of a fertilizer blending plant in Rwanda. 

It is against this background that a fertilizer blending plant has been under construction in Bugesera Special Economic Zone.

Rwanda and Morocco committed to a joint investment of USD 19,209,615 for the establishment of this fertilizer plant, under Rwanda Fertilizer Company (RFC) in the following shareholding ratios: Moroccan fertilizer company, OCP Africa (57.4%), Rwanda’s Agaciro Development Fund (32.6%) and Rwanda’s APTC (10%).

Works for the establishment of the Rwanda Fertilizer Blending Plant are now fully completed.

This blending plant will offer value to Rwanda’s Agriculture sector by importing fertilizers through conventional means, and locally blending (mixing) them in ratios that are customized to the specific needs of our soils and crops as will be determined through soil testing across the country. 

The blending plant will have an inbuilt capacity for the production of 100,000 metric tons (MT) of fertilizers per year. Rwanda’s current demand is approximately 85,000 MT of fertilizers per year, supplied through importation. The plant will target both the local and the regional markets.

Rwanda Fertilizer Blending Plant is a state-of-the-art facility specifically customized for the Rwandan farming system’s needs, with raw materials supplied by the OCP Group. The plant includes essential facilities such as a production and storage Factory, Administrative building, Maintenance workshop, Locker room, Canteen, and a Research and Development Laboratory to support technological advancements in agriculture.

The plant’s Global Capex of USD 19,209,615 not only establishes the plant but also generates around 50 jobs, directly and indirectly, contributing to an increase in farmers’ income and fostering economic empowerment.

RFC plans to formulate and produce 20 new customized products by 2025, addressing the specific needs of Rwandan farmers for improved soil fertility and increased crop yield.

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