Mozambique orders ten more locomotives from India


The Indian company Banaras Locomotive Works (BLW) has confirmed the reception of an order from Mozambique for the manufacture and delivery of ten new Cape Gauge diesel locomotives.

This follows the recent export to Mozambique of seven Cape Gauge locomotives from the same company.

BLW spokesperson Rajesh Kumar, cited in the newspaper the “Times of India”, said the new locomotives will be ten per cent more powerful than the previous order.

The new locomotives, he said “will boast an impressive 3,300 HP (horsepower), a significant increase from the 3,000 HP of the previous order”.

The new locomotives, Kumar added, “will feature state-of-the-art amenities in the driver cabin, including noise, vibration and harshness standard compliance, ergonomically designed seats, an integrated graphic driver display, and air conditioning for increased comfort of the crew and reduced driver fatigue”.

The on-board facilities include a toilet and a refrigerator to improve the working environment.

With a computer-controlled braking system, said Kumat, the locomotives guarantee the highest safety standards.

The manufacture of these locomotives by BLW, he added, is part of the “Made in India” initiative which demonstrates the capacity of Indian engineering on a world scale.


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