President of Rwanda: Africa needs to build manufacturing capacities to invest in its natural resources, achieve independence

Source: Emirates News Agency

President of Rwanda Paul Kagame said the failure of African countries to direct efforts toward building manufacturing capacities kept them under foreign domination.

Despite huge natural resources capable of pushing Africa to the global forefront and achieving independence, the continent is still a target of the world’s major power interventions, said Kagame during a plenary session on the first day of the World Governments Summit 2024.

He urged African countries to act as one to realize joint interests and take their place among world leaders.

According to Kagame, Africa’s problem stems from the fact that major world powers do not consider it as an independent center of power, in terms of human capital and economy, capable of making a difference in all aspects of joint global interests.

Answering a question about political and security instabilities in some African countries, Kagame said: “These are manifestations of two main issues that need to be addressed at the root level; the lack of qualified and specialized leaderships, and the inefficiency of government processes and mechanisms.”

The President of Rwanda said the world is not learning from the past, when conflicts and civil wars killed the innocent and depleted nations’ resources, stressing that even international community organizations and major world powers refuse to apply lessons learned from the atrocities of the past.

Asked about expectations of the upcoming presidential elections in Rwanda this year, Kagame said only votes can decide who gets to rule Rwanda for the next term.

THE AUTHOR: Hatem Mohamed / Tariq Al Fahaam, Provided by SyndiGate Media Inc. 

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