International Super Model: Sharda Johnn, Africa Diaspora, Suriname/South America

Miss Africa Column /9th episode: Meet Sharda Johnn a.k.a SuperSharda, an international Super Model. She has graced the stages of London, Milan, Paris, and was involved in lots of brand work in New York, Germany, Amsterdam, more. She's an activist and motivational speaker. This May she'll participate in the annual 'Kilimanjaro Climb' Challenge representing the Africa Diaspora. Her beauty sparks inspiration!

Who are you?

“I consider myself an introvert…


I like to have my privacy. When I decide to go outside, I put myself out there. I enjoy being with people and try to make the best of it, But after a couple of hours, I need to be alone again. Recharge!

I value honesty, and quality over quantity in everything… I prefer a few friends that are close to me than many I can’t feel free around.

I like to absorb information by reading books, listening to podcasts, and watching videos on YouTube — I like to learn, to understand people. How they think and what they do. Then I relate their stories to mine. I also like to be in nature, watering the plants, and playing with my dogs.

As long as I have internet, a book, or a computer I am good.

I’m interested in psychology, personal development, health, youth, and fashion.

Ever since I was young, the way people stand on a big stage showing confidence, expressing energy, and attracting others fascinated me. ‘How could I be able to do that?’ I always wondered. Now, I’m an international model, and whenever I’m on stage, I enjoy the catwalk.

My dream is to reach my highest potential in all human categories; spiritual, mental, emotional, intellectual, physical, and material. Everyone was born with certain abilities and talents. I just want to fully develop and make use of them.”

The magazine Glamour South-Africa

What is your project?

“My recent modeling job was in Germany, now you get it. I am an international model. I’ve been on many world stages. I’m also a motivational speaker and an activist.

Since 2018 I have been doing it full time — motivational speaking in schools and other events.

I am also involved in black empowerment activities and the development of my fellow citizens.

Last year, in 2023, I hosted Wodemaya…

… in his quest to change the African narrative worldwide. His presence in Suriname made many people from other countries realize that my country had a lot of good to offer. For all the 6 weeks he stayed in Suriname, the image of Suriname changed for the better.”

‘My latest project is ongoing, I have been invited to participate in the ‘Kilimanjaro Climb’ challenge in Tanzania. I’ll be representing the African diaspora.’

How does your project impact the society?

“My organization ‘Black Success Suriname’ renewed hope in many people that much more is possible.

Hosting Wodemaya made many AfroSurinamese feel pride and appreciation for their country and African culture, history, and heritage. It became a pill for the low self-esteem most of us have when it comes to our African identity. His vlog also helped people realize the wealth Suriname has in terms of culture, tourism, and entrepreneurship.

Through his large following, Wodemaya put the Maroons of Suriname in the spotlight, and people worldwide got a chance to know them and how they have preserved the African culture.

Whenever I’m on the international stage modeling, I shine all the way, sure that I’m sending a signal of hope and inspiration to every young girl out there. My success on the international stage sparks a fire in every girl’s heart in my country and worldwide, they begin to dream just by looking at me do the ‘catwalk’.”

What can Africa do to become a successful continent?

“African countries need to become independent so that they are not tied to ex-colonizers.

As long as you still take their money, you feel like you owe them something.

When you still have a controller to lean on, there’s room for political, and economic interference that is not in line with the goals that you should have for your people.

Just become fully independent. It’ll create a ripple effect even in the diaspora.

We have to stand together, the diaspora and Africa, not allowing ex-colonial countries to interfere in our relationship.

Africans should know that;

If you do a little bit, you are going to gain a little bit. Burn the bridges, go all in. And you’ll gain more. That thing you are doing, give it your all.

Sometimes success is as simple as writing an email, asking what you want, or talking to people who know better.

Don’t be distracted, focus on your big goal and go for it. If you do something, do your best.

Remember not to stand in the way of others, because you’ll only hurt yourself.”

How can people interested in your projects reach you?

Sharda Johnn in Action:

Wodemaya visiting Suriname, meeting the Vice President, Hosted by Sharda Johnn
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