Morocco climbs the ranks as a top business tourism destination in Africa

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Morocco is solidifying its position as a leader in business tourism within Africa, according to a recent report by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA). 

The ICCA’s “Country and City Rankings for 2023” placed Morocco fifth on the continent, showcasing the North African nation’s impressive growth in this sector.

While South Africa (98 events), Rwanda (32 events), Kenya (29 events), and Egypt (28 events) currently hold the top spots, Morocco’s 26 international events hosted in 2023 solidify its place among the continent’s elite. This achievement is even more impressive considering Morocco’s 62nd global ranking.

A significant contributor to this success is Marrakech, Morocco’s vibrant tourist destination. Marrakech played a pivotal role by hosting the prestigious World Bank and International Monetary Fund Annual Meetings in October 2023. 

This high-profile event attracted a staggering 14,000 participants and propelled Marrakech to a tie for sixth place among Africa’s best convention cities, alongside Accra, Ghana (both with 16 events). On a global scale, Marrakech sits at 143rd place.  

The ICCA report reveals a broader trend: Africa’s business tourism sector is on the rise.

The African continent collectively hosted 3,535 international meetings in 2023. This growth is particularly notable in Morocco, South Africa, and Rwanda, all commended for their substantial strides in developing this area.

The United States remains the undisputed leader globally, having hosted a whopping 690 international events in 2023. 

Europe also boasts a strong presence with Italy (553 events), Spain (505 events), France (472 events), and Germany (463 events) rounding out the top five. 

Paris takes the crown for the world’s top convention city with 156 events, followed closely by Singapore (152 events), Lisbon (151 events), Vienna (141 events), and Barcelona (139 events).

Morocco’s rise in business tourism signifies its growing potential as a destination for international conferences, meetings, and events. 

Overall, the kingdom remains a major draw for travelers worldwide. Morocco recorded a record number exceeding 1.3 million tourists by April 2024, a remarkable growth of 17 percent compared to April 2023.

From January to April 2024, Morocco recorded the arrival of 4.6 million tourists, a growth of 14 percent compared to last year and an increase of 567,000 additional arrivals.


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