Characteristics of a Successful App: Learn to Develop Excellent One for Your Business

Know Which Characteristics You Must Focus on While Developing Mobile App for Your Business in Today’s Competative World.

Huge ups and downs are measured in the mobile app market these days because most of the businesses are trying to develop a successful app solution for their business. But they have to understand that it’s not easy for every individual to develop a successful mobile app. Most of the time, businesses end up developing just the best app, which cannot help them to become the winner in the competitive app market.

Increasing Craze of Mobile Application Among Users

Most of the companies are struggling to develop a successful app for their business, which can satisfy all their business requirements. They also expect that the same app solution must satisfy all the needs of their ideal customers, as a result, millions of applications are produced and released on the leading app store on a regular basis. 

In the survey, it was found that there are more than 2 million apps available for users on the Google Play store, whereas around 1.83 million apps are available on the Apple App Store as of 2019.

What a Successful App Really Means? 

A successful app is the one that looks and works quite smoothly on the user’s devices and provides them the best experience each time they operate it. It must have the best UI/UX and must be quite quick and effective when users click on several taps. No matter which business field you belong to, what matters is how accurate and excellent the app you have developed for your business. There are numerous characteristics that have to be considered by businesses when it comes to developing an excellent app for the use of their prospective customers. 

App Installation

The majority of applications are downloaded from the app store regularly but are not used frequently. According to a Nielsen report, in the U.S. smartphone users evaluate more than 26.7 apps per month as of the fourth quarter of 2014, this number remained relatively flat in the next two years and jumped later on. In fact, around 70% of total app usage is found from just the top 200 apps, top mobile apps are frequently used by the users as it offers the best experience to them and is successful. Hence if you want to make your app successful, you must develop the one like the top one.

Loading Time

Users get frustrated when your app takes time to load on their device, they immediately uninstall it. Hence when it comes to developing an excellent app like eventbrite, make sure that it must not take much time to load on users’ devices. Keep in mind that if your app users are satisfied with your app performance, then they are never going to move to any other solution and will definitely suggest your app solution to their family and friends, this can result in an increase in your business profit and sales. 

Great UI (User Interface)

When it comes to app success, then its look and feel play a vital role. Keep in mind that if your app does not look and perform well as your competitors, then you might lose various opportunities that are waiting on your way. A good user interface (UI) design can prove to be beneficial as it helps startups to attract more users to use their mobile app. Keep UI design simple so that it becomes easy for users to get the proper navigation through it.  

Consistent Performance

Having a great interface, latest features, and functionality is just worthless until and unless your app doesn’t perform well on the user’s devices. Consistent and high performance must be kept on the topmost priority when it comes to developing an app. Thus make sure that you test your app well before launching it to the app market. Assure your customers that you have developed an ideal app that consists of low battery life and storage space on their device. 

Compatible Mobile Platform

An ideal app is compatible with a particular mobile platform for which it has been developed. Thus keep specific aspects of the platform in mind while developing a mobile app for any of the platforms like Android, iOS, or any other. 

Leverage advantages of the natural qualities of the device for which you are aiming to develop an app. This might help you to come up with an excellent app solution that assures you to provide the best UI experience to the users. Pay attention to functionality and features of your application while developing it, also make sure to consider the traits of the platform during the development life cycle. Avoid unnecessary features that you think will not fit into the framework of a particular mobile platform.

Ease of Use

Business startups need to make sure that the website or application which they are aiming to develop is easy to use for their prospective customers. Keep in mind that people don’t have time to waste on learning now your app really operates. They are not interested in knowing how your mobile app navigates, thus avoiding developing a complicated mobile app. Try to develop an app that is easy to use and navigate as most people prefer to use and download those that are simple in look and feel. 

 Leveraging Network Effect 

Advertising plays a primary role when it comes to the success of developed apps. In the same way, word of mouth can also prove to be more beneficial for business and app success. Businesses need to make sure that they maintain high user feedback scores for their app in the app market as more than 90% of customers go through other customers’ reviews before making the purchase of any business product or service. 

Even an excellently crafted mobile app can fail to grasp a user’s attention because it doesn’t have a considerable amount of positive reviews for their developed app. They also need to make sure that they develop a huge network for their business on multiple social media and other platforms from where they can drive more traffic for their business. 

Summing Up

Apart from the above-discussed characteristics, businesses have to consider a few more to develop a successful mobile app for their business. They have to develop a great plan for the app, must look after the essential features which they want to include in the app, and more. They can also take the support of the developers who can complete the app development task more accurately for them. 

THE AUTHOR: Amy Johnson

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