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 Author: GICANIRO I  Category: African Authors, African Languages, Nonfiction, Rwanda  Publisher: Rwanda Writes Inc.  ISBN: 100100100100  Pages: 121  Country: Rwanda  Language: Kinyarwanda  File Size: 1,713kb  Download

This amazing book is about practical patriotism. The author, Gicaniro I, titles his book, ‘Iki gihugu cyanjye’ ( This, my Country in English). The book has 5 chapters in which he asks himself 5 questions; #1 ngikunde nte? (how should I love it?) #2 nkivuge nte? (how should I talk about it?) #3 ngikorere iki? (what can I do for it?) #4 nkibemo nte? (how should I live in it?) #5 nkirinde nte? (how can I protect it?).

Basically, the author challenges the reader to ask themself those 5 questions about their country and find answers alongside his.

Gicaniro I has a first-class bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Administration from Mount Kenya University. He’s currently the CEO of 2 online platforms; & htpps://

He has so far traveled to 4 continents around the world.

Feel free to download this digital version of his great book and share it.

The English version of the book will follow soon.


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