5 Tactics That Can Help Your International E-commerce Grow

Following up here are some tactics that are recommended for e-commerce stores that are aiming to grow internationally.

E-commerce businesses saw a positive impact in the last years with the social change. As people were not allowed to go outside, the use of e-commerce was an opportunity for businesses to still keep in contact with their customers despite that physical contact was limited.

As people start to see their normal lives back, e-commerce websites are still seeing that consumers are keeping the behavior of acquiring some of their products online.

This behavior has also been shown in consumers who are also finding out businesses from all around the world and are interested in acquiring products overseas.

Following up here are some tactics that are recommended for e-commerce stores that are aiming to grow internationally.

Speak the customers’ language

One of the most important factors that make an international customer decide to buy a product is that they are reading the website in their native language.

It is more likely that customers who are able to fully understand the product features and specifications will buy it.

There are multiple platforms online that are being used for e-commerce, but it is also possible to find the best translation app for Shopify or the best WordPress translation plugins for Woocoomerce, which are the most common ones to build an online shop,

It is important to have the full buying process in the native language of the visitor to increase the conversion rates.

Focus on International SEO

Another recommended tactic for e-commerce stores is to mix their content marketing with an international mindset.

Content is king, and a website that has content in multiple languages can also start ranking for keywords in different countries, and therefore to attract international visitors.

SEO is still one of the most beneficial digital marketing strategies that bring results, and when companies are thinking of their global expansion, they should focus on international link-building activities.

Take leverage on Amazon FBA

Are you already doing multi-channel cross-selling with platforms like Amazon? Amazon has fulfillment centers all around the world that are helping digital entrepreneurs to store their products in their warehouses.

If you want to increase your international sales, then Amazon can be a good fit for your online business.

Logistics can be a complicated area for solopreneurs, therefore relying on the infrastructure of Amazon can be a big help, but also be aware of the commissions they have. 

Accept Multiple Currencies

Another really important factor for international online stores is the acceptance of different currencies.

Of course, there might be currencies that are of common use worldwide such as the US dollar, but there might be countries where the currency exchange rate might not be beneficial or simply users prefer to pay in their own currency.

Therefore it is recommended to adapt the store to be able to manage multiple currencies.

After-sales follow up

Through marketing automation, online stores can create follow-ups of the current customers to keep the relationship.

As recommended, it is easier for companies to make a current customer buy again, rather than pushing to get new customers.

Online stores can apply this tactic to nurture the relationship and to increase the probabilities that the customer can be repeating the purchase with them.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Carlos Barraza

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