Nollywood, Nigerian Movies, And The Entertainment Industry

Nollywood is becoming a huge force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

It produced high-quality home videos in huge numbers. Currently, it ranks just ahead of the United States and just behind India. So how did Nollywood become so big? There are many factors involved. Here are some interesting factors.

1) Large number of film producers.

The industry is so active that many people have become film producers. Traditionally, producing films is meant for the rich because barriers to entry are high. Cost is the main concern. Primitive technologies meant high costs in production, editing, and distribution.

That essentially kept many keen enthusiasts out of the industry. However, with the evolution of technology, many people are able to produce their own films while keeping costs low. This is all thanks to…

2) Availability of digital technology.

As technology becomes more advanced, the cost of buying equipment and producing films comes down drastically. Widespread adoption of digital video equipment meant that such equipment is highly affordable and readily available. Computers also come cheap these days, and powerful machines are used for editing purposes. With such technology at their fingertips, Nigerian film producers are able to churn out movies at an amazing rate. Movies produced in Nigeria outsell those produced by Hollywood because…

3) Nigerian films mostly feature moral dilemmas.

As these films are about the natives, the audience finds that they are able to better connect with the storylines. In other words, they can identify with the content. For this reason, they tend to show stronger support for films that are produced in Nigeria. For example, one film, the movie depicts a Muslim man trying to marry a Christian lady. But they have to go through many obstacles in order to achieve their goal.

4) Nonstudio productions.

Many films are not filmed in the studio. They are usually filmed in common locations such as hotels, homes, rented offices, etc. As a result, the movies tend to portray realistic settings. Moviegoers tend not to go for special effects but for content.

5) Off-the-shelf video editing equipment.

Usually, movies are edited with expensive professional equipment that can’t be bought off the shelf. However, Nigerian film producers are well known for being able to adapt. These tools are mostly targeted at home video producers. But film producers have also learned to use these inexpensive tools to edit their films.

It is interesting to note the way Nigerian films are being produced. Many critics in the film industry have praised Nigerian producers for their creative and enterprising filming techniques. They are able to work with a limited budget and produce movies of high value in a very short period of time.


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