The Profound Power of Play – The Secret to Prosperity

Play is powerful. Discover how it can improve your prosperity!!! Improve your manifesting, enjoy synchronicities, and dramatically improve your luck!

How many of you believe that pushing and hard work are the paths to prosperity? How many of you are open to discovering a better way that might include something as preposterous as play???

All push, no play, made it all go away, anyway. I was a self-made millionaire. I worked very hard for years at Microsoft Corporation. It led to a hefty bundle of cash, of which I was very proud. However, there was a huge price to pay.

I paid with grueling long hours, and little time to play or for relationships. When I left the company I didn’t even know who I was, so sacrificing was the experience.

Ironically, the money did not last! The stock market crashed. I made some bad investment decisions. Before I knew it my millions became a memory. I was lost. I certainly didn’t want to go back to that grueling work anymore.

The play was the answer. The only answer was to find a way to play instead of work for prosperity. I decided to rediscover who I was. What are my gifts? What would I do even if I didn’t get paid to do it?

Today my future is filled with wild possibilities. It is expansive, prosperous, and totally creative. I play for a living!

Let’s play today. Think for a moment of a superhero or fictional character who most describes you. Are you best described as Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise? Perhaps you are most like Glenda the Good Witch of the North.

Next time you have to introduce yourself to a stranger in a casual setting, try introducing yourself as your superhero character!

Play benefits revealed. This play would bring you several benefits. If you overcame feeling silly and actually introduced yourself this way, both of you would probably laugh, releasing any tension that might have been present. From this, you’d probably feel a little empowered that you successfully survived the risk.

Thirdly, you’d be understood at a deeper level than just your name, thus handling the task of introduction in a more effective manner.

Lastly, the entire experience might have brought a little color into your cheeks, proving you had shifted to a higher energy state.

Scientists have found that play has been shown to increase your intelligence, creativity, energy, clarity, sense of bliss, joy, confidence, serenity, feeling of aliveness, relaxation, connection to the whole, and being in the “now.”

“What do most Nobel Laureates, innovative entrepreneurs, artists and performers, well-adjusted children, happy couples and families, and the most successfully adapted mammals have in common? They play enthusiastically throughout their lives.

— What common denominator is shared by mass murderers, abused children, burnt-out employees, depressed mothers, caged animals, and chronically worried students? Play is rarely or never a part of their lives.” — Stuart Brown, MD, Institute of Play Play brings in the heavens.

There are even deeper benefits of play. When you learn how to play you become your own miracle maker. Play is creative, god-like, and inspirational. The play puts you in the now state of “flow.” Flow is a rhythm with life, where you are led to the right places, people, and things at the right time. Doors open for you. Benevolent coincidences abound.

You are led intuitively. If you make play a habit you will find that your life purpose will begin to emerge, so profoundly powerful is the nature of play.

What is your “Secret” success? How many of you have tried to manifest using the concepts to those in “The Secret?” What were your results? If you’re like most people you probably had mixed results.

Play is the missing manifesto. A playful attitude towards manifesting demonstrates a relinquishment to a higher, benevolent power, which is creative, inspiring, and guiding.

The very nature of play is to let go and have fun. Being in control is not playing; it is pushing, struggling, and working.

The acronym for the process of creating life, as you’d like it, is P-L-A-Y. Let us explore the meaning of each letter.

1. P=Push. The first letter of play is P. P stands for pushing. When you are pushing to make a goal happen, you will get poor results. Rather than pushing to make things happen, when you properly play through life you allow things to come to you, thus you are ready to effectively react to divine opportunities as they present themselves.

Pushing in action. A father came to me concerned about his son’s sports career. His son is 3rd in the State of Florida for hockey. The father wanted to know what to do to ensure his son’s success. I was expecting spirit to reveal something like join this team or get that coach.

Instead, the spirit said there would be competitors who would try to put his son down and he would lose his confidence. Without confidence, his son would overplay the game, push to win, to compensate for a feeling of inadequacy.

Spirit recommended the father guard his son’s confidence. This would allow his son to wait for the plays to come to him, then attack when they presented themselves.

2. L=Let Go. The second letter in the wordplay is L. L stands for Let Go. Letting go means taking a pleasing, self-indulgent break. Go for a walk, go on a trip, go watch a sunset. Do whatever it is that fills your heart with joy, relaxes, and refreshes you.

Discover Your Fun. One of my clients could not figure out what was fun for herself. She had been so shut down from a childhood where creative activities were discouraged. Our work together revealed a list of great playful things for her to do, which would allow her to enter the moment and become a co-creator with a higher power. This moved her to flow.

Lead Intuitively. Another client was very much a perfectionist. She was always trying to control things and pushed to get things done. This had caused her to lose her zest for living, the bounce in her step. She had witnessed other people receive abundance in an effortless way so she knew it was possible.

We focused on how she could learn to let go, relax, and take intuitively inspired breaks, which would move her to the state of allowing.

3. A=Allow. A for Allow is the third letter of play. Allowing means that you wait for inspiration to come to you. You might hear about something or feel to do something. The main characteristic of allowing is that you did not push it to happen. It came to you. Allowing is the foundation of play, for it is intuitive, abundant, and miraculous.

I had a client who was trying to manifest her big life goal to create a successful, thriving practice as an energy healer. She had all the credentials. She was an RN with an MBA, with several years of experience doing hands-on healing.

She even helped create a flourishing practice for a friend who was an alternative healer! But she could not get her own healing business going. The message to her from Spirit was that she needed to learn how to play.

The play puts you into a state of co-creation with the universe. It is the state where you let go of expectations and simply allow things to flow to you. You can have a goal, but unless you learn how to stop pushing to make it happen, learn how to let go, allow and let God, you will get nothing.

4. Y=You get Yourself! The last letter of the play is Y. Y stands for You Get Yourself! When you allow the process to unfold, when you allow flow to take over and yourself to be led, the universe will deliver your results in the most effortless way possible.

So if you felt guilty to take more breaks, daydream, play or have fun, think again. Play is powerful, miraculous, and necessary to profoundly manifest prosperity in your life. Go play!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn

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