Ordering Flowers Online – Five Traps You Can Get Into

The article reviews the most common “surprises” one could encounter when ordering flowers or bouquets via the internet.

Bouquets are much different from clothes, home appliances or food. In this article, we will explain which surprises you may encounter when ordering flowers online and how to avoid unpleasant situations.

1. The quality of flowers delivered does not match the photo and description at the online store.

When buying flowers in the floral store you can carefully choose every flower while when ordering online you can get a bouquet with a couple of old inventory flowers. The key point is how often the flowers are supplied to the store – once a week or every second day. Try to clarify it before ordering. Another way to avoid this situation is to ask personnel to provide you with a photo of the bouquet before delivery.

2. Terms of delivery may be uncertain or deadlines are not kept.

They may ask you (or a person you want to congratulate) to wait for delivery for several hours. Courier may be late. Anyway, this is unacceptable.

If you order flower delivery for a definite time call and try to find out is it possible and evaluate the probable risks. Clients’ reviews may provide useful info as well. If there are no negative reviews it should be a bit shady – even the best companies sometimes failed.

Always mind the holiday rush when you order a bouquet by St.Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Allow a bit more time for delivery than on working days.

3. A part of the assortment displayed at the online store is missing.

You browse the online catalogue, order a bouquet and in a couple of days, they call and say this bouquet is missing. You’re wasting your time.

Mind this situation when you order flowers online – call and ask a manager to confirm the bouquet you want to order is in a supply or advice a replacement. If you feel a manager is somewhat hesitant try another web store.

4. The ruined surprise.

Clients’ reviews often confide about negligent couriers that may call a girl for whom you order a bouquet and alert flowers on the way. Some might uncover the name and phone number of a giver. Sometimes a courier doesn’t wait for a few minutes, turns around and left.

When you order explain what they should do in clear words and ask them to call you in any fortuitous event. If you order anonymously it would be perfect if anyone (colleagues, relatives) could be close to a recipient by the time of delivery. Keep it under your control.

5. They do not return funds in time when an order is cancelled.

An order is usually cancelled when a buyer is unhappy with the delivery time or quality of flowers. Sometimes you can just change your mind. In this case, they can spend some days examining the situation and finally offer an inadequate solution like charging bonuses or replacing a bouquet.

If you paid using a bank card have in mind it’s up to your bank to return funds fast and do not waste your nerves.


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