Importance of Paper Bags

Nowadays people had started taking interest in favor of Nature, now the people are making others also aware of global warming and all, they started taking initiative to make their environment clean.

Now people understand how much hazard is this poly bags but still, some people are not serious about this they think that will be no loss if only they are using or they use one or two poly bags but they are not aware that even one poly bags is also not degradable for years and years and can led to death of any street animal.

Very good alternative of this poly bags is now emerged in our society and that is “Paper Bags” these paper bags are only useful in all the way, they do not have any type of disadvantage in it.

Paper bags have much importance the main important thing is that they are bio-degradable and if they are burn they do not pollute air as much as poly bags do.
If they are even eaten by any street animals then paper bags are digested by them and cause no harm to them.
Another crucial thing is about these bags are they are easily renewable as compare to other bags paper bags they can be given any shape , size and color easily.

The production of paper bags by they company or factory are also very easy for them they raw material require for making these paper bags are very cheep and easily available.

Many small-scale industries or there are many home-based factories that produce paper bags for commercial purposes we use in our daily life used in carrying any small amount of product all though they are not of very good quality but they are used for general purpose. So paper bags also provide livelihood to other.

So the use of paper bags can be beneficial for all living beings.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kevin Meaney, Author

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