Developing an app like UberEats is simple, cost-effective, and less time Consuming

After the advent of mobile apps, the online food delivery service business reached many people’s attention globally. Dive into the food delivery service business using the UberEats clone script, which is customizable with advanced features.

In recent days, ordering food online has become a part of everyone’s life. As a result, the development of food ordering and delivery apps has increased. One of the main successes of these apps is discounts and offers for food.

That’s why people are showing more interest in ordering food online. Nearly 87% of people prefer apps instead of dining. 

Therefore, developing an app like UberEats clone is the recommended option for Entrepreneurs or business people to create a successful business. Most importantly, developing an app takes more time, and it is time-consuming.

So, business people can contact an app development company to get their UberEats clone app solution. In order to save time as well as money, they can prefer this ready-made solution that can be customized based on their requirements. 

Let’s have a glance at how the UberEats clone app works

This blog explains the ways to develop an app like UberEats. This might help to make informed decisions in app development.

Typically, this food ordering and delivery service comprise a customer app, a delivery agent app, and a restaurant app. The working model for this app is given below.

Customers will sign up or log in to the app using their email, mobile number, or social media accounts. Delivery agents have to register to the food ordering and delivery app and include personal details such as name, vehicle number, location, and much more.

The restaurant owner can log in or sign up with the app and include the restaurant’s food menus. Once the restaurant is approved, it will be visible to the customers.

Step 1 – The app lets customers order their favorite food online from nearby restaurants at their convenience. 

Step 2 –  Once the customer confirms the order, the app prompts them to choose the payment method. The available payment options in the app are debit /credit card or cash on delivery.

Step 3 – As soon as the customer places their order and the restaurant confirms the same, the app will notify the available nearby delivery agent about the order details, including the delivery location.

Step 4 – Customers have the option to track their order and the respective delivery agent’s real-time location.

Step 5 – The delivery agent will deliver the order to the customer. Now, it is the customer’s choice to rate the restaurant and delivery agent service.  

Some significant features present in the UberEats clone app

Customer panel

OTP login – This will let the customer register to the food delivery app with email, social media accounts, or mobile number. And, allow them to log in using OTP that is sent to their registered phone number.

Filter options – Advanced search options help the customers search for their favorite foods/restaurants and sort the menu under each restaurant based on their preferences. 

Live order tracking –  Customers can track their order’s arrival and the delivery agent responsible for delivering the order using GPS tracking.

Payment options – The app comes with various payment methods such as online payment or cash on delivery. 

Restaurant panel

Dashboard –  A separate dashboard is available for the restaurant owner to manage their profile details, including the food order requests from customers, and commissions earned for each delivery.

Order management – The restaurant owner/vendor can track the order until the delivery agent delivers it to the customer. So that they know whether the order was delivered to the customer without any delay.

Payment options – This feature will let the customer find their commissions and payments. 

Food (menu) management – It will allow the restaurant owner/vendor to manage the food menu details that are visible to the customer in the app.

Delivery Agent panel

Profile creation – The app will let the driver agent create their profile with the necessary information. They need to submit/upload the required documents for verification.

Receive order details – The delivery agent will receive the order details, including the order delivery location.

Multiple deliveries – The delivery agent can get multiple delivery orders simultaneously so that they can save time in delivering an order to a nearby delivery location.

Notifications – In case of changes in any policy, delivery location, or new delivery details, the app will send a message to the delivery agent via push notification.

Final note:

With a detailed overview of the app’s working process and features, partnering with a mobile development company is the best choice.

Employ the above-mentioned features and techniques to boost your business and attract more customers to the app.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Christian Bale, I’m passionate about content writing and I explore tech news  At the same time I worked for UberLikeApp, which was created with one aim, to deliver unique app solutions in the market. For 8+ years, we have been delivering innovative solutions to our clients with our state-of-the-art application development services.  

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