History of Movies and the Entertainment Business

Presently, movies have become so very popular and interlock with our society that it has become impossible to imagine a world without movies …

Presently, movies have become so very popular and interlock with our society that it has become impossible to imagine a world without movies and entertainment.

Movies today have become the greatest entertainment zone to generate huge business and incur profits. The duration from when history of movies started was about more than a hundred years, and from then the movie industry has gone through a lot of developments and changes.

The very first production, in 1895, was an era of silent movies which continued for almost thirty years. However, in 1920, the movie personnel with a lot of effort could handle coordinating the sound and the picture together, and this was the beginning of a new world of movies.

Since 1980’s the movie watching has taken a huge leap and today it’s the major entertainment business in the international market. Actually, the movies were born in the late 1800s with a lot of innovations in line. In the year 1878, a lot of images of a horse were clicked in speedy action using a sequence of cameras which proved to be successful to create the first motion picture.

William Kennedy was the first person to develop a celluloid strip that comprised a series of pictures and this finally grew into a film of the new era! The film projector was introduced in the year 1895 that helped the audience to watch these motion pictures.

Within no time the movie industry hit the market and became quite well-known which proved to create a great positive impact on the entertainment business, after which by 1900s, silent movies had started to diminish and now its almost no more in the present scenario.

The most popular filmmakers like the American, Italian, French, and English have left a mark by their remarkable performances during historical times. Initially, small and very few selective venues were chosen to showcase the films, but shortly as the craze among the people to watch movies increased they started to show it on a larger panel like the olden traditional and tent theatres which enabled a lot of people to watch the film at the same time under one roof.

The ocular and the graphics was introduced by France during the innovative and experimental period that was discovered in the initial period. The most popular names like Buster Keating and Charlie Chaplin in the 1920s raised the name and the fame of the Hollywood movies which is presently the major player in the entertainment business and is presently the largest profit-making industry in the international market.

The presence of American movies will continue for a long and proves its huge existence in the entertainment industry and movie world. The synchronization of motion pictures with sound and its effects has not only created a new perception about the movies but has also taken movies to greater heights.

From early times till 1929 all Hollywood movies had sound effects along with motion pictures. In the 1940s the taste of the audience changed due to the apparent reasons of those times, they were inclined toward war movies or dramas and in order to fulfill their demands, the movie industry excellently made movies and flashbacks’ of the callous realities.

In 1941, Citizen Kane was tagged for his best production of all-time favorite movies. Classical movies breathed again in the 1950s and movies like “Ben Hur” and “The Ten Commandments” have created an everlasting impact.

During the 1970s Hollywood movies gained a lot of popularity and to date, it maintains the most creative and innovative image in their movies. However, a lot of movies brought a whole new change in the Entertainment Business, like “Star Wars” a science fiction movie that helped to gain a lot of profits due to the highly developed graphics and advanced pictorial effects especially seen in horror movies that generate a huge profit in the Entertainment Business.

Blockbuster movies even gained the entertainment business. The 1990s and the 200s till date has seen the advanced version of special effects and animated movies with the help of computers. Huge multiplexes, DVDs, and Home Theatres have created an enormous impact on the people who enjoy watching movies with great ease and comfort and hence helping the Entertainment Business to grow tremendously.

The movies create an everlasting positive experience for the people that will definitely grow in the future!


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