Going Into Business VS Looking for a Way to Get Rich Quick

I want to start with making an example:

If your neighbor has a kid, would you start producing diapers or gruels just to sell to them, to continue on the same track will you in 6 years’ time start selling pencils and notebooks to the same people as their kids will buy and then be going to school?

I don’t think so! It is way too much trouble and you cannot even guarantee that they will be buying from you if you did this.

The example above is what you do when you just go looking for people who want to spend money on one type of product and after a few months start looking for a new crowd that may want to buy something else…

What you are forgetting when doing the approach above is that when you are on the internet you are competing with people from all over the world, and some of them have chosen to do this because they are among the best there is doing just this.

I ask you this: Would you bet on yourself beating Zlatan or Torres while playing

If you say no on this one, why go into a field of business where you have as bad a chance to
win more than some pocket change in the long term as you clearly have chosen something
just because it is a lot of money in it, just like football/soccer.

The Internet cannot change the fact that if you are doing something that you are really lousy at doing, you will fail in the long term, sooner or later someone with a great talent for this niche will appear and you will be going out of business fast.

So if you want to go into one of these fields you better choose to do so by putting your
personal touch on whatever you have to offer. Like if you are in the shoe industry and have lots of competitors already selling high-quality shoes, you may be a great dancer and can sell shoes that are great for dancing.

If you use your talents, you will dramatically increase your chances of winning, though you in this case need to be living in a city where lots of people enjoy dancing in their time off work.

In other words, do never follow somebody else’s idea unless you know that you are much
better than whoever is already having a business in the field.

Or make sure to create a similar product/service that is custom-made to deliver to the market. You need to give them a solid reason why you are the person to go to in order to get the job done or get the best product. What do you need to do to be seen as Zlatan or Torres of your niche?!

For example, trying to go into automated software may be ok, but if you take it a step further
like automated software for ad rotation you could be the next winner on the internet, or you may have to specialize even further. I hope that you follow me so far.

So if you want to make a living online, you better go into a niche where you can use your abilities to your advantage avoiding the myth that the rules of the world somehow do not apply once you are online.

My hope is that my examples will open your eyes to how silly it is to think that if you are bad at doing something offline you will definitely not be the next millionaire in the same field just because you are doing the same thing online!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sven Hyltén-Cavallius

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