Causes Of Business Globalization

Business globalization means companies and businesses have begun their trade and production in the international arena.

It means businesses are shifting their boundaries from domestic to international ones. The rapid growth of business globalization rises some questions to research. One of them is why business is becoming global.

The main and important causes for recent business globalization are an increase in global competition, rapid increase and expansion of technology, liberalization of cross-border movement, and development of supporting services.

The pressure of increased foreign competition can force a company to expand its business into the international market. Now day’s companies can respond rapidly to many foreign sales opportunities.

They can exchange production quickly among countries if they are experienced in the foreign market and because they can transport goods efficiently from one place to other.

The pace of technological advances has accelerated to greater heights and the knowledge of products and services is available more quickly due to communication and transportation technology.

By increasing the demand for new products and services, Technology has a tremendous impact on International business as the demand increases and so do the number of International business transactions.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) in 1995 made some rules due to which the restrictions imposed on international trade are diminishing.

Banks have developed efficient means for companies to receive payments for their foreign sales, some examples are Western Union money transfers and different countries’ banks in one country.

Most producers can be paid relatively easily for goods and services sold abroad because of financial facilities.

The considerable number of facilities and services has grown up so quickly and are now developing and advancing their quality that business globalization will inevitably remain one of the most rapid and successful events in the twenty-first century.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sharon White is a senior writer and writing consultant 

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