vii. Dr. Hey You: Business Justice

Justice is a necessity in our social lives, as it is in our financial lives. No one should earn more than they deserve or less than they deserve. Nobody should be forced to invest more than they can or less than they can. Except, when it is harvesting season.

Harvesting Season

The event of dividing up profits among stakeholders should be attended only by those who deserve it and have worked for it.

On the table of sharing, only those who contributed can pull a chair and sit around it. How much you contributed determines where you’ll sit at that table, and when, and how much you’ll be served.

Nothing personal.

Investing Season

If you are fearful, a coward who cannot take financial risks, then you’re doomed to make wrong investing choices.

The investment philosophy is similar to the marriage vow; “in bad or good times, I’ll stick with you”.

If you cannot make this financial vow, then my friend, you are doomed to divorce with your wealth and earning potential.

Profitability Potential

Every business opportunity has a profitability potential equal to the accuracy of timing, amount of input, the efficiency of management, and sustained progress.

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