“Leave no stone unturned” is what appears to be the slogan of the current corporate sector. With the onset of heavy competition in the industry today, marketers prefer to reach out to all sorts of marketing mediums available to them. This is essential because when it comes to endorsing a product, every single effort counts. 

Moreover, the global economic wave is so unpredictable that there is no safe way or technique available that will guarantee you a sure shot of success. Therefore, sellers, today try out all that is there within their reach so that they would not miss out on some advantage just because they did not strive for it.

This dynamically developing scenario where marketers try out all the means of marketing is called 360-degree marketing.

Just like a 360 degree makes a full circle and leaves no angle; similarly, these marketers try out all the possibilities available to them. Anyhow, only producing a product is not essential today, but proper marketing is equally necessary.

Many a time people miss out on useful products just because it has not been well endorsed.


Trying out all the ways of advertising and bringing your product or service to the limelight is what entails 360-degree marketing. Mainly it is divided into various sectors. These are as follows:


Customers today are so habituated that whenever they want to buy a new product, they look for it on several websites via various search engines. Implementing an effective SEO strategy is essential so that your product/service pops up on top when the user is looking for a product of your domain.


This is a method wherein the marketer pays every time his advertisement banner gets a click over some webpage or social platform. This method is useful when you want to target a specific customer base. Using proper keywords, you can achieve excellent results in no time.

This technique will help you gather traffic for your website.


Maintaining proper communication with your customers will further improve your cause of establishing a successful business venture. Treating every customer special will connect you to your customers on a more personal level, thereby building up your goodwill.

These contacts help you gain the trust of the customer and will ultimately increase your sales figures.

Well-built customer relationship management is a sort of free advertisement for your firm. It will help you gain new customers through the mouth-to-mouth endorsement of your product/service.


Although emails are slowly getting out of the mainstream digital marketing strategy, you should not completely ignore them. People still preferably check their mailbox twice or thrice a day and so email marketing is also a viable option.

When it comes to converting marketing figures into sales stats, every small portion is equally relevant.

Hence, you must pay equal importance to the ad campaigns sent over emails to your target customer base.


All the campaigns you do online would go down the drain if the leads are not catered to properly. Inbound lead nurturing is essential because this is what will determine whether all your campaigns go in vain or whether they get converted into sales figures.

A lot of traffic driven towards the product gets lost because of improper handling of these leads.

On the other hand, dexterous inbound lead follow-ups will ensure your customers come back to you when they require the product of the same category for a second time. 


This one marketing strategy is optimum for use by both well-established business firms as well as emerging startups. Social media provides the best platform for those who do not have a lot of funding and are on a tight budget. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are some of the prominent social media platforms that you can go to when endorsing your product.

You can even pick your line of customers as per your product and then create content specifically for that target group. 


This technique entails marketing your products through various means of content. These can be anything such as videos, blogs, articles, infographics, social posts, etc. You have to make sure that the content you create is easy to decipher, crisp and crunchy, and to the point. Always prioritize quality over quantity when drafting your content.

Do not overload your website with junk just for the sake of timely uploads. Maintain your standard and endorse your product engagingly and innovatively.


All your various digital marketing strategies will boil down to this one point. All the leads and customer flow will come down to this most crucial segment- the website of your firm. As a marketer always make sure that the outlay of your website is neat and clean.

It should not be heavily piled up with irrelevant stuff. At the same time, it should be impressive and attractive to look at and should have a simple user interface.

So there you go, in these easy eight steps, we have laid out for you everything which you must know when it comes to 360-degree marketing. Use these tips and techniques and get the best results out of them. Happy Selling..!!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mohd Danish Ansari

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