Finding Success in the Logistics Industry

Whether you’re seeking a management position or self-employed courier jobs, the logistics industry is a good place to start.

The logistics industry is, quite literally, what keeps the economy moving. Without the logistics industry, resources could not be moved from place to place. Logistics is an enormous industry and one that is full of opportunities – but is it the right sector for you?

What is Logistics?

At its most basic, logistics is the organizing and implementing of a plan or operation. In the business world, logistics is mainly concerned with the movement of things from place to place in accordance with the demands of customers or corporations.

There are many fields and specialties within logistics, including production, inventory, packaging, and transportation. From self-employed courier jobs to warehouse management positions, the logistics industry has a place for you.

Why Join the Logistics Industry?

New Opportunities Are Opening – The logistics industry is a massive, 24/7 industry. With economies becoming more and more globalized and connected, logistics is more important than ever. In the UK, the logistics industry is worth £74.45 billion and employs 2.2 million employees in 196,000 companies.

Logistics Careers are Paying More than Ever – As the logistics industry’s worth has grown, so has the worth of those working within it. Salaries for average courier jobs, for example, start between £12,000 and £14,000, but can easily rise to £15,000-£20,000 with experience. A lorry or HGV driver makes about £24,000 on average, and this can rise if the driver puts in more hours.

For supply chain staff, who plan and organize the production, handling, and distribution of products, salaries can start at £20,000 but rise to over £40,000 for management roles.

Jobs for Every Education Level – Because of the enormous breadth and depth of the logistics industry, it’s possible for people of any education level to enter and excel in it. Individuals in warehouse positions, lorry driving, or those taking on self-employed courier jobs can find great success in the logistics industry, as can those in mid-level or upper management.

What’s more, the logistics industry has plentiful opportunities for advancement, thanks to its multi-layered, multi-faceted structure. Promotions are common in the logistics industry, as many firms prefer to promote and train low-level employees rather than hire from the outside.

You Can Start Your Logistics Anywhere – Some careers might require you to pack up and move to another town or region, but logistics workers are needed almost everywhere. For example, self-employed courier jobs can be taken on from anywhere, as there is always demand for efficient delivery services. This means you can begin a brand new career without uprooting yourself or your family.

By researching the huge range of logistics jobs, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your skills and specifications.


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