Writer: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Nigeria

Empowered Girls and Women — Inspire Boys, and Men

Empowering African girls is a multi-faceted solution to almost all social, economic, and political challenges on the continent.

We believe boys become their best around empowered girls, and men around empowered women. Therefore, empowered girls, inspire boys. Empowered women inspire men. Empowered, and inspired women and men, empower and inspire children. Hence, development, and success for all.

This section is meant to spread the word about the amazing things empowered girls are doing around the African continent. More especially, to make you get to know them.

If you are such an empowered African girl or woman, ready and willing to inspire others on the continent, send us a message ASAP!

Please email us your amazing story and amazing pictures of yourself in action: missafrica@nipepesa.com

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