Entrepreneur: UMUHOZA Amina, Rwanda

In this first episode of Miss Africa Column, we've interviewed Rwanda's champion of Girls' rights. She's intelligent, beautiful, and strong in ways that impact girls, and youth in Africa. 
  • Who are you?

“I am a mixture of a fun person, and a strict lady especially when it comes to work. I love to be around people who add value to me in a distinct area of life, I enjoy learning new things, and serving the community is the fountain of my inner joy.”

  • What is your project? 

“Saye company ltd /dukataze. Saye company envisions a world where SRHR is an open topic and where menstruation stigma no longer exists. We do this with a mission of empowering adolescents mentally, socially, and economically to fight teenage pregnancies and menstrual stigma. This approach helps in bridging the age gap and stigma that normally comes with SRHR sessions when the content is being delivered to an old person. We have “7010” beneficiaries that we have reached since 2017.”

  • How does your project impact the society?

“We impact the community through our programs.”

1. The Kigali menstruation station

“It was Launched on the 28th of May 2022. A Menstruation Station is a safe space for menstruators where they can talk about SRHR-related issues and manage their basic menstrual hygiene needs. A #periodproud and #periodsupportive creative space for the untold stories to be told.

With the work of the stations, we aim to improve the knowledge and skills about sexual and reproductive health and rights, focusing on menstruation. We create a positive and open climate around menstrual health and enable a safe environment for people to access both knowledge.”

2. SRHR ON-SITE training:

“We have developed youth-friendly SRHR content that puts the trainees at the center of SRHR training. Our training facilitators are youth which bridges the gap of stigma and unopened discussion regarding sexual and reproductive health. We believe that fun is a key to total engagement and that’s why our training involves more fun activities. By the year 2022, we have trained 5010 adolescents from 9 districts of Rwanda.”

3. Sexual reproductive health creative tools:

“We have launched a new tool (KOTANA BOARD GAME) that is here to battle Menstrual stigma and normalize Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Conversations in a fun way, to engage and educate Adolescents.

We have also produced a comic book entitled IRIZA, This book offers sexual and reproductive health information to adolescents between 10 – and 23 years old in a fun, engaging, and non-stigmatized way. This book is available on the market with the English version and Kinyarwanda version. Small copies are 7000 frw and big copies are 12000 frw. Organizations are encouraged to buy this book for their beneficiaries.”

4. LTAU CLubs:

“LTAU stands for ‘let’s talk about’ and we have 4 clubs; 2 in Kigali and 2 in The southern province. These clubs are going to engage adolescents in educating and giving them a platform to learn more about sexual reproductive health and rights. We believe that LTAU members are going to be empowered and they will empower their fellows.”

5. Saye home decor:

“We have a home decoration shop at Kigali city market that produces locally made home décor items that are produced by youth, especially girls to offer job opportunities to them because poverty is among the root causes of teenage pregnancies and period poverty. This shop also stands as the sustainability model that will help us to earn income that will sustain our social and business side.”

6. Teen Mum incubation program

“We have a teen mum incubation program where the local leaders choose teen mums to be empowered with Sewing technical skills that will enable them to start their small income-generating projects.”

  • What can Africa do to become a successful continent?

“Africa can become successful by focusing on growing what we have instead of focusing on what we lost. We have seen countries that rose from the ashes because they chose to unite and fight for the future they dreamed of having. This is not one person’s effort — it requires collective efforts, a collaboration between young, old, women, and men. It should be us against the challenges that we are fighting, not us against each other.”

  • How can people interested in your projects reach you?

Twitter (X): @dukataze

Facebook: @dukataze

Instagram: @dukataze Instagram : @sayehomedecor

Call: +250787304095

, Or visit us at KN 271 St

  • Pictures of UMUHOZA Amina in Action:

Fighting menstruation stigma!

Kigali menstruation station

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