Lawyer/Advocate/Director: Fardus Mohamed Ahmed, Somaliland

In this second episode of Miss Africa Column, we've interviewed Somaliland's advocate for girls and women's rights. She's a Wonder Woman herself, a beautiful warrior fighting for people who need it most. 

Who are you?

“I am a person who values humility and positivity.

As a lawyer and advocate for women’s rights, my core principles are rooted in a firm commitment to justice, equality, and empowerment.

I dream of seeing a society free from patriarchal systems where justice and equality prevail for all.

I enjoy reading, having some ‘me’ time, and watching movies”

What’s your project?

“I am the founder and director of the Siraad Initiative, which is a women-led organization based in Somaliland.

Our mission is to advocate for the rights and protection of women and young girls.

Since our establishment in March 2020, we have undertaken various projects including advocacy and awareness initiatives, an Anti-FGM campaign, political participation campaigns, and discussions addressing issues affecting women’s lives in Somaliland.

Our current focus is on documenting the lived realities and experiences of women in Somaliland.”

How does your project impact the society?

“In Somali society, men hold a dominant position which results in women and girls being underrepresented in various aspects of life, particularly in decision-making spheres.

Our initiatives aim to advocate for women’s rights in political participation and representation, along with educating young women in our country about their basic and constitutional rights.

We also provide free legal aid services to vulnerable women.

In addition, Siraad Initiative has conducted numerous events and sessions addressing matters and issues that affect the lives and rights of women, including the status of women’s rights, sessions that shed light on violence against women, and campaigns seeking political representation.

Correspondingly, we empower young girls through mentorship and academic dialogues.”

What can Africa do to become a successful continent?

“Africa is the youngest continent in the world, with a population that is mainly comprised of young people.

However, the participation of youth and women in decision-making, leadership roles, and peace negotiations is limited.

Africa must invest in, empower, and train its youth to recognize their potential and capacity.

To achieve success, Africa must address challenges such as patriarchy, corruption, and poor leadership while aligning its educational system with modern standards.

Achieving prosperity in Africa requires collaborative efforts, mutual investment, conflict resolution, and open borders.”

How can people interested in your projects reach you?

“We are on social media platforms, and people can reach out to us on:


@Fardus M Dheere

, and our email:

Phone: +25263483411

Pictures of Fardus Mohamed Ahmed in action:

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