International Speaker/Life Coach/Author: Winnie Mabena, Zambia

In this third episode of Miss Africa Column, we've interviewed a change maker encouraging people to live above adversity. She's helping Zambian women and children unlock their highest potential by finding their purpose. What a beautiful soul!

Who are you?

“I think I’ve got a balanced sense of humor. I’m fun if the environment allows me to, and I can be serious if that’s the demand.

Besides that, I’m always open to embracing what I’m becoming at every step of my journey and age.

I enjoy traveling, nature, decorating, writing, and watching documentaries.

I value peace, vulnerability, dialogue, and education — currently pursuing a master’s degree in Public Relations.

Professionally, am a civil registrar, a certified life coach, an author, a magazine contributor, a mentor, an International speaker, and founder of The Knowledge Effect; an organization working to empower communities promoting literacy”

What’s your project?

“As a life coach, I spend some of my time mentoring and coaching women one at a time.

I develop content in writing to inspire others to live above adversity.

My organization, The Knowledge Effect is committed to transforming communities by promoting literacy.

Our mission is to empower individuals with the essential life skills and knowledge needed to unlock their full potential. And contribute to the social and economic development of their communities.

We do this through, advocacy, community engagement, access to education, and promoting sustainable impact.

My organization was registered in 2018 and we have worked in 3 districts in Zambia which include; Chadiza, Chongwe, and Rufunsa.

We also participate in international collaboration and consultation. Overall, our key foundation has mainly been empowering women and children in rural communities.”

How does your project impact the society?

“Through coaching, writing, and mentorship; I empower others to live above life challenges, find purpose, and live joyfully now.

Profoundly because I believe we all long to have a sense of purpose — and to find reason for our existence.

My organization (Knowledge Effect) empowers individuals and groups with the essential life skills and knowledge needed to unlock their full potential.

We also contribute to the social and economic development of communities by enabling people to attain formal and nonformal education.”

What can Africa do to become a successful continent?

“This is the age of knowledge, therefore, promoting education is the key to success for our continent.

Focus can be given to various literacy skills that include; functional, critical, cultural, financial, and information literacy.”

How can people interested in your projects reach you?




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