Professional Teacher: Selina Leyan Kivuyo, Tanzania

Miss Africa Column /5th episode: Meet Tanzania's Maasai champion of girls' right to education. When a member of parliament found her in primary 7 and asked her to join secondary, she decided to make it her life's work and educate as many maasai girls as possible. What can be more beautiful!

Who are you?

“I am a teacher by profession, from a Maasai community who don’t let their kids go to school. Instead, they marry them off at a young age.

A Maasai girl’s right to education is denied when still very young. Nevertheless, I thank one of the members of parliament who came to my village to ask for votes that year, I was in primary 7. She asked us to come for a secondary school interview — that’s how I was able to join secondary education, and that’s how I became a teacher today.

My hobbies are traveling, reading books, music, dancing, and helping others.

My big dreams are to help young girls in my community. To help the women know better about themselves. And to raise awareness for the girls back in the village.

To stop some of the customs which denied girls’ child education like FGM(female genital mutilation), and others.”

What is your project?

“My project is all about helping a girl child go forward”

How does your project impact the society?

“The project has brought big changes in the community, now that we have girls who are teachers, leaders, and professionals in so many ways.

I’m so proud of some of the girls who bring changes in their homes, plus their own lives.

I’m sure their kids are so much in great hands and safe.

Their kids don’t worry anymore about being married off at a young age, not even worried about going to school.”

What can Africa do to become a successful continent?

“As Africans, we can join our hands together, come together to support those who are ready to help others in need.

Let’s support each other in so many ways.

I know Africans love each other.

And let’s use our African love to support each other.”

How can people interested in your projects reach you?

Tel: +255 764 888 008 (Selina Leyan)”

Pictures of Selina Leyan Kivuyo in action:

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