Change Maker: Priscilla Adikwu, Nigeria

Miss Africa Column /6th episode: Meet Nigeria's mind builder, she's nurturing the emotional and pyschological well-being of young adult girls. Inspiring them to become the next generation of society builders. Beautiful indeed!

Who are you?

“I am a person of integrity, compassionate, with a genuine love for people.

I enjoy having great conversations and inspiring people through personal discussions and public speaking.

I envision a world that is full of love, where everyone treats the next person like they would want to be treated, and where there is a free flow of support, care, and consideration for humanity.

I value truth, transparency, and integrity, and I am an advocate for servant leadership.”

What is your project?

“My Project is a safe online community that addresses the emotional and psychological well-being of young adult girls.

We provide a haven where young girls can be free to unlearn, learn, and relearn about their selves, to seek and receive support, and to inspire and empower them to become their best selves.

We tackle difficult topics ranging from relationships, peer pressure, drugs, substance abuse, purpose and clarity, etc.”

How does your project impact the society?

“Our impact is far-reaching because we are helping to inspire and empower young adult girls, who are the next generation of society builders with the right mindsets.

I have provided a haven safe enough for young girls to explore and enhance their personalities and mindsets, which directly influence every other aspect of their lives.

I believe this will produce a ripple effect, with these ladies moving on to pay it forward, becoming agents of change in their various endeavors.”

What can Africa do to become a successful continent?

“Promoting education and skill development.

I believe knowledge is what sets us apart.

We should invest in quality education and improve access to educational tools, skills, and resources significantly.

Also, I believe if we could train our minds to see each other as one, without disparities, with love and consideration, it would go a very long way.”

How can people interested in your projects reach you?


, or Tel: +234 9029551656″

Pictures of Priscilla Adikwu in action:

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