10 Easy Ways to Get Your House Ready for an Appraisal

Preparing the house for an appraisal is an easy yet difficult task. How?, When you know the ins and outs of residential real estate valuation services, you work on improving things that make the difference.

Read these 10 things to make your house appraisal-ready.

  1. To get the best appraisal you should check every item in your home and ensure they are in working condition. Get it repaired when not working, or just remove it and store it in some other place. Do not keep non-functioning appliances and other things in the house.  
  2. Spare some time and take a walk around your house. Why? To get some insights about any damages, garbage, and any other things making a dent in your house. Fix all those issues. Consider yourself as an appraiser and take a 360-degree view of your house. 
  3. Keep note of any recent improvements and present that note to the appraisers. New additions in the kitchen, gutter repairing, kitchen remodeling, bathroom up-gradation, or anything else must be presented in front of the appraisers. This way, you make a good impression for better appraisal. 
  4. Do some repaint or any other small things? Ensure your house looks updated when real estate appraisal shows up. 
  5. Know about your neighborhood. This helps in gauging the right tactics that are working on property appraisers. You also get an idea about prevailing housing prices. Feel free to talk with local real estate agents and gather as much information as possible. 
  6. Just one or two days before the visit, wash the interior and exterior of your house properly. Untidy places are enemies for good value. You can also contact any professional home cleaning agency for that purpose.
  7. Do not forget to point out the important things in your locality such as schools, highways, major markets, religious places, famous monuments, or anything else that is important. It leaves a good mark on them. 
  8. Check your yard, roofs, garage, storehouse, or any places less visited by the family members. Who knows, you cleaned the complete home and appraisers made up their minds to visit the garage. Cleaning should mean complete cleaning of the home. 
  9. Spending some amount on the house upgrades works like an investment. When a house owner upgrades the house, it can fetch up to 25 % more value. There is a $500 rule in the real estate sector. That implies that, do not hesitate to spend up to 500$ on up-gradation before the appraisal. It will give a better return. 
  10. Check the nearby locality and ensure there is proper arrangement nearby your homes. If you are living in a gated society, ensure proper security arrangements at the gate.


A property appraisal is a way for estimating the value by considering recent sales data, and other factors.

THE AUTHOR: Abhishek Shukla

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