Firm Trains Sub-Saharan African Marketers on New Business Models to Earn More Money

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An international health and wellness company, QNET, has started training its sales representatives The company said the training is focused on ways the sales representatives can earn money via direct selling It also stated that its African representatives will focus on ways to make effective in-roads in the direct selling business model.

A multinational health and wellness firm, QNET, has begun training its business representatives and marketers on new business models to enhance their skills in money-making from product sales.

QNET, which has a presence in about 100 countries around the globe, organized the training that had in attendance top marketers gathering in Abuja for the 4-day training beginning on Saturday, March 2, 2024.

Event to focus on sharpening sellers’ skills

The company’s Chief Transformation and Reputation Officer, Trevor Kuna, told journalists at the event that the conference will have many speakers and teach sales representatives how to grow their businesses.

According to Kuna, speakers are drawn from successful sales representatives who will share their stories, ideas, and experiences with the marketers.

He said:

“Today is day one of an event called V-Africa, about inviting our distributors from all over sub-Saharan Africa. They are here for the next four days to learn about their QNET business and how to grow their QNET business in a very professional and sustainable way. They come here to learn about all our products because they earn money from the QNET business by selling them to their customers and other new independent representatives.

According to reports, Kuna stated that the company is passionate about health, lifestyle, and wellness. He said the firm has been around for 25 years

The company trains sellers on direct selling He said the company’s business model is direct selling, which is a people-to-people business, and it is developing products that consumers want so marketers can earn more from the industry. He said “So, we are a global wellness lifestyle company that has a large footprint and large customer base, and those people that promote the sales of our product earn money from the sales of the product”, Kuna said.

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