Qatar offers promising opportunities for innovators and entrepreneurs

Source: The Peninsula

Doha, Qatar: Qatar is rapidly transforming into a hub where a promising outlook builds on a strong economic foundation, a future-ready infrastructure lives alongside timeless hospitality, and enormous resources meet unparalleled connectivity, to create a lucrative world of opportunities for ambitious investors.

Speaking to The Peninsula on the sidelines of the recently held Web Summit Qatar 2024, Dr. Nadir Yildirim, Executive Director, Office of Innovation and Industrial Relations at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) said,

We strongly believe that Web Summit Qatar 2024 is a game changer for the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem not only in Qatar but beyond the region as well. It will help us to commercialise our research outcomes starting from Qatar to the global markets. I do see the summit as a big step and believe that it will be a game changer for our ecosystem.”

Regarding AI, Dr. Yildirim said,

As HBKU, we are focusing on artificial intelligence, sustainability, biomedical sciences, social progress, and precision medicine, and all of these are very important topics for the global market today. We are majorly focusing on AI technologies and startups and are looking forward to the first commercialization nationwide and also internationally.”

He further said Qatar’s digital transformation is in a clean and clear acceleration phase as the country’s tasks have been already completed and right now we’re changing the phase, and adding partners and organizations like Web Summit will create a positive impact in the digital transformation of Qatar as well.

Qatar National Vision 2030 is a great vision created by the leadership and Web Summit-type organizations will be fulfilling this vision and will make all of us reach our goals, maybe earlier than 2030.

“I do see the future very promising for innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, and scientists in Qatar.”

“When you partner with Web Summit, it’s not just bringing the companies – the startups but they do bring key stakeholders to the ecosystem including investors, venture capitalists, and big organizations. So this move will accelerate the investments to Qatari technologies and will help also to increase and accelerate the startup ecosystem,” Dr. Yildirim added.

During the Web Summit, through the presentation of innovative technologies developed within its research ecosystem, showcasing promising startups, and engaging in interactive sessions led by HBKU’s researcher, faculty, and student communities on artificial intelligence, sustainability, healthcare, and many other topics, HBKU highlighted its work in promoting entrepreneurship and addressing global challenges.

THE AUTHOR: Deepak John

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